12 minute short film
British Film Institute in association with Channel Four Films 1996
A Footprint Films Production

You can watch the film online (at various download speeds) via the Britshorts website.

Ray Winstone, Tracey Wilkinson & Nicola Bland in


Ray Winstone, Tracey Wilkinson and Nicola Bland in "Yellow"




Ray as Jim


Ray Winstone as "Jim"





Photos © BFI/C4

Written and Directed by Simon Beaufoy and Billie Elfringham

Producer: Mark Blaney

Nominated for the Golden Bear Award at the 1997 Berlin Film Festival.

On a hot summer's day, a woman and her young daughter Natalie drive with her new boyfriend towards the seaside. But Natalie does not like her mother's new 'friend' and contrives to make his day a nightmare. First he crashes the car after he is stung by a wasp she has trapped, then he is forced to search the surrounding fields of yellow rape for Natalie, who has run off with the car keys. When he finally finds her drowsing in the field, she has taken all her clothes off. This is not the kind of confrontation he would like her mother to find out about....

This is a haunting, atmospheric and rather creepy little tale about the manipulativeness of a child and the mistrust and vulnerability everyone feels when getting to know someone new.

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