Martha - Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence (1998)
The Very Thought of You (US title)

United Kingdom 1998
Channel 4 Films/A Banshee Production

'Dr' Pedersen opens the door to Laurence at the crack of dawn.

Pedersen (Ray Winstone) offers the distracted Laurence (Joseph Fiennes) a biscuit....

Pedersen and Laurence head to head.

Pedersen listens intently to Laurence's problems.

Pedersen in his dressing gown.

Pedersen offers his advice...

written by Peter Morgan
directed by Nick Hamm
produced by Grainne Marmion

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film about an American girl in London, and the three men she meets and becomes emotionally entangled with. It shows off London (my home town) beautifully, and is delightfully funny. The piece de resistance of the entire film is Ray Winstone as 'Dr' Pedersen. It would spoil the punchline to tell you much more about Ray's role in this film except to say that he is screamingly funny and not typecast, and Joseph Fienne's character Laurence pours his heart out to him throughout the film..... (Alys)

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Monica Potter Martha
Rufus Sewell Frank
Tom Hollander Daniel
Joseph Fiennes Laurence
Ray Winstone Pedersen

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