There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000)

running time 110 mins
Pathe Pictures in association with the Arts Council of England and le Studio Canal+, a Sarah Radclyffe/Impact Films production supported by the National Lottery

written by Simon Mayle, John Hay, Rik Carmichael
story by Simon Mayle

directed by John Hay
produced by Sarah Radclyffe, Jeremy Bolt, Alison Jackson

A "feel-good comedy drama" fairytale about a young Mancunian who dreams of playing for City.

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Some reviews of the film and Ray Winstone's performance:

It's still a game of two halves, Jimmy
Somehow, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble avoids self-consciousness as it leads us into the life of teenaged Jimmy (Lewis McKenzie), whose aspirations on the football field are as avid as they are unoriginal. It helps that the film realises that there is, in fact, more to life than football: Jimmy's mum (Gina McKee) has split wiht the lovely Harry (an unusually cuddly Ray Winstone) and has a dreadful new bloke, and Jimmy himself has offended the delightful pugilist Sara (Samia Ghadie). But the beautiful game is the crux of the matter, what with the schools competition coming up, PE teacher Eric Wirral (Robert Carlyle) utterly indifferent to his team's fate and staunch Manchester City supporter Jimmy surrounded on the team by diehard United fans twice his size. All that's missing is a a mysterious old lady and a pair of magic football boots. The undoubted silliness of the plot can't dilute the charm of this boyhood fantasy, which sports a rocking soundtrack and the requisite simplicity of outlook common to all the best fairy tales.
Nina Caplan, Metro 25 August 2000

"It's not working, is it?" says Ray Winstone towards the end of There's Only One Jimmy Grimble", his Manchester accent as authentic as a seven-pound note..... Winstone, as the ex-boyfriend Jimmy wants his mum to get back together with, seems to think a Mancunian accent can be achieved by grumbling into his chest, his voice so deep in Lee Marvin territory, he must have needed an aqualung to get down there. It is not working indeed.
Jim White, Sight and Sound Sept 2000

DVD cover for 'There's Only One Jimmy Grimble'No classic, but the boy done good.
"...Ray Winstone, playing against type as McKee's crinkly, cuddly and very married ex. Luckily his wife puts in an appearance - purely to be sent packing. "You're still seeing him, aren't you?" he asks her. (Phew, so it wasn't his fault after all.) ...Despite the top-notch cast, all the adult characters are one-dimensional, and poorly sketched at that.
Nigel Cliff, The Times 24 August 2000

Fuss in Boots
"....a kindly removal man (Ray Winstone), the embodiment of caring, City-supporting decency.
There is a surprise in this movie. This is probably the one occasion when Winstone doesn't say: "You're out of order." The line goes instead to the headmaster - well it had to be there somewhere".
Philip French, The Observer 17 August 2000

These boots are made for scoring
"Ray Winstone has a walk-on-and-off part - now you see him, now you dont'; but never do you miss him - as a good-natured family friend with his own tart of a wife".
Alexander Walker, The Evening Standard 24 August 2000

Eric Wirral Robert Carlyle
Harry Ray Winstone
Donna Gina McKee
Jimmy Grimble Lewis McKenzie

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