105 minutes
British Broadcasting Corporation/Distant Horizons Ltd 1997
Daigoro Face Productions Ltd

Ray as 'Dave' in 'Face' Ray Winstone as 'Dave' in "Face", worried about the man his daughter is seeing.
'Dave' (Ray Winstone) knows the end is near as he talks with 'Ray' (Robert Carlyle)
Ray Winstone and Robert Carlyle
Ray as 'Dave' A moment of realisation, that he has messed everything up, before 'Ray' (Robert Carlyle) finishes him off...


Written by Ronan Bennett
Directed by Antonia Bird
Produced by David M Thompson & Elinor Day

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Troubles begin for professional thief Ray and his associates when a carefully planned £2 million heist nets only a fraction of the intended sum. But worse is to come when it becomes apparent that the gang has a traitor in its midst.

(from Radio Times billing Monday 5 April 1999)

Face is a thriller of good ideas which never quite succeeds in delivering the punch it should. It is a movie about betrayal, paranoia, loyalty, the morality of old-style and new-style criminals (faces). It involves some shocking moments, both physically and emotionally. And despite fine performances from all the cast it ends up feeling like a routine crime thriller.

Ray Robert Carlyle
Dave Ray Winstone
Stevie Steven Waddington
Julian Philip Davis
Jason Damon Albarn
Connie Lena Headey
Sonny Peter Vaughan
Alice Sue Johnston
Chris Andrew Tiernan

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