The Departed

running time tbc
Director and producer: Martin Scorsese
Writer: William Monahan

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Official website for The Departed

IMDB Entry for The Departed

Interesting interview with director Martin Scorsese - Sept 06

Another article on the film here from The Telegraph - Sept 06.

Short interview with Ray about The Departed on BBC website 4 Oct 2006

The film opened in the UK on 6 October 2006.

The Departed has been nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. The ceremony takes place on Sunday 25 February 2007.

Time Out have a podcast about The Departed including an interview with Ray. You can download it here.

Rary Winstone and Leonardo Di Caprio in The Departed

Review on website 3 October 2006: "On the other side, the underappreciated British character actor Ray Winstone is a force of nature, as always, as Costello's top thug."

Review on Village Voice website 3 October 2006: "the star [Jack Nicholson] skews crazier and crazier, appearing with stage blood up to his elbows, playing pointless drunk scenes, pulling whimsical rat faces, reprising his satanic role in The Witches of Eastwick after a night at the opera. (For all the sulfur, Ray Winstone is far scarier as the mobster's second in command.)."

Review on Niagara Gazette website 4 October 2006: "And at Costello’s right hand is “Mr. French,” a violent thug without an ounce of conscience (who’s played by the brilliant British actor Ray Winstone of “Sexy Beast” fame.)".

Review on the Arizona Reporter website: "A few twists crop up later in the story that could make the audience wonder just who the good guys really are; who is the least corruptible; who is the moral center and who represents evil that belongs in the seventh and bottom-most layer of hell. My vote for the last candidate is Mr. French (Ray Winstone), Costello’s right-hand man, who’d as soon drive a knife between your eyes if you got on his wrong side as eat his morning Danish."

Review on the Boston Herald website: "What’s great about ”The Departed” is its riotously profane dialogue, fabulous cast, including terrific turns by Ray Winstone and Alec Baldwin."

Review on "By turns, Ray Winstone electrifies as Mr. French (he's the Irish version of Joe Pesci)".

Review on "And rock-solid Ray Winstone plays Costello's hulking enforcer, "Mr. French," with an unusual combination of offhand savagery and glimmering bemusement. (Winstone knows how to bat a great line out of the ballpark, too. When Mr. French is told by a frightened immigrant shopkeeper that he can't make the weekly protection payoff because of cash-flow problems, French is instantly affronted: "Make more f---in' money!" he barks. "This is America!")".

Review on VueWeekly website: "Just compare Nicholson’s acting in this film to the superb work of Ray Winstone as his psychopathic henchman—Nicholson is always “on,” a movie star performing for the camera, while Winstone simply is his character."

Review on Naples Sun Times website: "[Jack Nicholson] runs a brutal empire with the help of a psychopathic killer named French (British actor Ray Winstone, who nails the role; you can't take your eyes off him, lest he hop off the screen and kill somebody in the audience)."

Review on the Sofia Echo website: "Nicholson comes up as overly theatrical and amusing. In contrast, the controlled menace of Ray Winstone’s performance makes Mr French, Costello’s second in command, much scarier."

Billy Costigan Leonardo DiCaprio
Colin Sullivan Matt Damon
Frank Costello Jack Nicholson
Oliver Queenan Martin Sheen
Madeleine Vera Farmiga
Dignam Mark Wahlberg
Brown Anthony Anderson
Mr French Ray Winstone
Ellerby Alec Baldwin

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