Darkness Falls (1998)
(previously known as 'Dangerous Obsession')

running time approx 96 mins
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Ray Winstone Tim Dutton, Sherilyn Fenn & Ray Winstone

Written by N J Crisp & John Howlett
Based on the play 'Dangerous Obsession' by N J Crisp
Directed by Gerry Lively
Produced by Clifford Hadyn-Tovey, Alan Latham, Alberto Ardissone (exec)

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This low budget British movie was shot entirely on the beautiful Isle of Man (to take advantage of tax incentives). It is based on a stage play and unfortunately retains a lot of staginess and talk which makes it rather static. The story is nevertheless gripping as it unfolds, if you don't mind all the talk, although it has a rather trite ending. But as a modern day (and less profound) version of Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls', Barrett arrives at the comfortable house of the Driscolls and peels away the veneer of their cossetted lives. Ray is excellent as the anguished yet sympathetic accountant driven to extraordinary measures by grief, and Tim Dutton and Sherilyn Fenn are also believable -Alys

John Barrett Ray Winstone
Sherilyn Fenn Sally Driscoll
Tim Dutton Mark Driscoll
Michael Praed The Hitman
Bryan Pringle Mr Haytor
Anita Dobson Mrs Haytor
The Money Dealer Oliver Tobias
Robin McCaffrey Jane Barrett

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