Agnes Browne (1999)

running time 92 mins
October Films/UIP

written by John Goldsmith and Brendan O'Carroll
directed by Anjelica Huston
produced by Angelica Huston

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The Observer, 5 March 2000, Philip French:
"Directed by Anjelica Huston and starring herself as a widowed working-class mother of seven, Agnes Browne hovers between being a rip-off of and a riposte to Angela's Ashes. Set in late 1960s Dublin, it is corny, sentinmental and cliche-ridden. Except for the local loan shark (Ray Winstone sporting an Irish accent as ill-fitting as his clothes), everyone is full of love and kindness. Agnes herself is a succession of contradictions, as if the script had been written by a relay team folding down their pages like a game of Consequences. The deus ex machina of the picture is Tom Jones, who sweeps Mammy and the kids off to his concert at the Gaiety and dedicates his performance of 'She's a Lady' to Agnes."


Angelica Huston Agnes Browne
Marion O'Dwyer Marion Monks
Ray Winstone Mr Billy
Tom Jones Himself

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